A European Train Ride

Writing a book is similar to riding a train.

In Zürich, Switzerland I boarded a passenger train for a quick ride to Luxembourg. The RailPass enabled me to ride first class to any destination in Europe within a ten-day time frame, so this was the first but certainly not the last. I took pictures out the window, drank a Coke and even read some in my private cabin.

Presently I wish I was there, instead, I am finishing up the last few chapters of my newest, soon to be published book by Westbow Publications. In several ways it is similar to my train ride.

1. Train rides and writing start out slowly but then gains speed only to slow again as the traveler reaches his destination.

2. The passenger can concentrate on the interior of the train or look outside the window, Sometimes both are necessary in writing, looking within the content but looking without for expression and insight.

3. On a train: the passenger can talk to the other passengers, read, write in their journal, take pictures, sleep or go to the refreshment car. In writing the author can  walk, get a drink, go outside, jog, or read research articles to begin the creative process.

4. The train gets the traveler from one location to another destination; writing takes the author from one creative zone to the next creative zone.

5. Just as there is a beginning that captures the emotions there is a final destination that captures the soul.

6. To begin; you must get on the train..


3 thoughts on “A European Train Ride

  1. I have rode in several train in Germany and it was always an adventure and plenty of sights to see, some of which, could have been left out.

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