It was a Productive Day

Yesterday was another exciting day. At 7:20am I met with my Internet consultant who will be developing a variety of Internet projects to launch our new book with Westbow Press, a subsidiary of Thomas Nelson. Creating a major hub then two or three spin offs will capture Internet searches.

At 9:10am, a production vendor who works with “big box” companies said he would put me in touch with a company representative who plans “roadshows” for authors to set up several book signings.

In the afternoon I received a call from my Westbow coordinator who is bringing all the loose pieces together . Layout, design, copy, account, author site, and Internet links was a few of the topics we discussed.

Last night about 10 pm we examined book cover designs and I had another look at them about 6:30 this morning. Creating a eye catching cover is pretty high on the list for me and though you can’t judge a book by its cover most people will pick up a book because of its cover.

All in all, I say it was a productive and profitable day.


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