It was a Productive Day

Yesterday was another exciting day. At 7:20am I met with my Internet consultant who will be developing a variety of Internet projects to launch our new book with Westbow Press, a subsidiary of Thomas Nelson. Creating a major hub then two or three spin offs will capture Internet searches.

At 9:10am, a production vendor who works with “big box” companies said he would put me in touch with a company representative who plans “roadshows” for authors to set up several book signings.

In the afternoon I received a call from my Westbow coordinator who is bringing all the loose pieces together . Layout, design, copy, account, author site, and Internet links was a few of the topics we discussed.

Last night about 10 pm we examined book cover designs and I had another look at them about 6:30 this morning. Creating a eye catching cover is pretty high on the list for me and though you can’t judge a book by its cover most people will pick up a book because of its cover.

All in all, I say it was a productive and profitable day.

Swing into Action

Today we made the first step with our publisher by setting up our Author’s Account with Westbow, a subsidiary of Thomas Nelson Publishers. Several, well, many steps will follow but with the Westbow Development Team we should be making progress steadily, Thanks for circling this project with your prayers.

Internet Media Marketing

Yesterday morning I met with a knowledgable and well versed internet media consultant who will be setting up a proposal to tweak my blog, twitter and fan page on Facebook in anticipation of the new book we are writing. Everyone asks, what’s the Title of the book? What’s it about? When will it be published?

All  I can tell you now is to keep posted via the blog, Twitter. And feel free to share with others. Twitter @jlaudell, click the subscribe button on the blog posts to receive the RSS feed and we will let you know when the Facebook Fan Page is created. Until then, let’s circle around this project in prayer.


The Publication Zone

Dreams do come true. Back in the Fall I received a call from a representative of Thomas Nelson wanting to talk to me about publishing a book under the subsidiary, Westbow. We had talked several times since then by phone and emailed back and forth. On Friday, February 17th, we met face to face at a Starbucks in Tulsa. I was very excited. It wasn’t the caffeine. I repeat, it wasn’t the caffeine. For the last two years I have been gathering information about my writing subject, now it is coming into reality.

The book will first go into editorial review, channels of representatives, layout, cover design and about three months later, a book. I will update everyone through this blog and posting on Facebook. You can follow me on twitter @jlaudell

Let’s prepare a prayer circle around this book that it will reach many people with the message of Jesus Christ.